Fab Shop Tech

Posted: January 3, 2019
Fab Shop Tech needed in Leeds, AL.

Responsible for assisting and preparing pipe products for painting, performing quality inspection consistently on pipe products, properly labeling all pipe products prior to shipment, properly measuring and marking pipe products based on specifications, prep and stage pipe products for shipment, operate forklift and other heavy equipment safely and efficiently, properly label pallets, shrink wrapping or banding pallets safely. Responsible for operating multiple machines as required, cutting grooves in pipe products, drilling holes in pipe, hanging flanges, facing pipe and two holing pipe for specific alignment of bolt holes and welding or cutting of products to meet standards or specifications. Assist and prepares pipe products for blasting, fittings and flanges in preparation for coating of pipe products. Blasting includes but not limited to checking inside and outside of pipe/fittings & flanges for quality assurance of the product. Performs application of porcelain enamel, fusion bond epoxy, paint, bit paint, or tar coating on ductile iron pipe, fittings and valves. Performs blasting pipe process in preparation for lining and coating procedures. Conducts a full and complete quality inspection of all pipe products for quality assurance, ensuring glass coated products meet any and all quality standards.
  • Assists and prepares pipe products for the painting process. Responsible for checking the quality of the pipe products prior to starting the painting process.
  • Prepares all labels for painted pipe, shipment, measures and marks pipe any defected pipe products in relations to quality, palletizes and stage pipe products, shrink wraps, bands pipe products, and preparing pipe products for shipment to ensure protection from any damage during shipment to customers.
  • Assists with any and all shipping and receiving duties which require preparing items for shipment, and working directly with the receiving department when required. Preparing pipe products for shipment, labeling shipments, banding or wrapping pallets, following paperwork flow, checking orders for accuracy.
  • Responsible for operating forklifts to stage pipe products for shipment by selecting and preparing pallets while loading pipe products on outbound transportation in a safe and efficient manner. Capable of loading and unloading trucks. Moving materials around yard, shop and navigating difficult areas with ease.
  • Responsible for setting up Landis or Lathe in preparation for hanging flanges on pipe. With complete mastery of the thread formula, cuts groves into pipe, hangs flanges, two holes the flange, aligning the bolt holes accurately, while facing the flange creating a smooth transitional surface between flange and pipe.
  • Responsible for daily preventative machine maintenance, oiling areas, cleaning machine surface and ensuring machine is maintained following company guidelines.
  • Responsible for producing quality products by following all established company quality standards and guidelines when inspecting pipe, flanges, fittings, and parts for quality defects, rejecting poor quality parts and ensuring all parts are top quality before allowing to be shipped to customers.
  • Involved with placing pipe products on cart or in area for blasting. Ensures that pipe products, fittings, and/or flanges are blasted inside and outside of pipe. Responsible for inspecting areas that require may re-blast. Utilizes material with blaster until pipe, fittings and/or flanges are prepared and ready for furnace process. Responsible for visual inspection of pipe, reviews all areas for discrepancies in quality of material.
  • Assist and prepares pipe products for spraying and lining process. Responsible for visual appearance of pipe products to ensure top quality and without any blemish. Load pipe into furnace area for firing purposes. Responsible for visual inspection of pipe, spark testing, MOHS testing, documenting results of QC.
  • Assist with welding pipe, extension stems, anchor pipe, and wall collars by understanding and following the order specification.
  • Conducts required hydro pressure testing on pipe 14 inches and above as required. Responsible for checking for leaks in connection of flange onto pipe by ensuring any and all quality inspections have taken place prior shipment to customers.
  • Keeps work area in a clean and orderly condition, performs all work in accordance with all facility and safety rules at all times.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Since this is a heavy industrial environment there will be exposure to Fabrication Shop operations. The employee will be exposed from time to time to the following working conditions: Extreme Heat and Cold, Noise, Vibration, Oils, and Atmospheric Conditions such as Dust, Fumes.
  • The employee will be required to perform the following actions (from time to time): Standing, Walking, Balancing, Stooping, Kneeling, Reaching, Talking, Seeing, Hearing, Driving and Sitting.
  • When in the Shop Production Area the employee will be required to wear PPE including (steel toed shoes if conducting any work related activity), safety glasses and hearing protection where required.

High School diploma or GED is preferred Technical school or training is a plus. Experience of previous fabrication or manufacturing assembly or production work experience in a fast paced manufacturing or fabrication environment. Previous welding, machine operator, painting, and operating forklift and/or heavy equipment are desired.  Cross training, some overtime as required.
  • Must have good mathematical skills with the ability to read and understand a tape measure.**
  • Must be forklift certified with the ability to operate equipment in a safe and effective manner.
  • Good ability on how to use weld equipment including TIG, MIG, or Stick welding and heavy operate machinery or shop cranes with the ability to obtain certification in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Ability to understand painting processes, with strong focus on quality and appearance of product.
  • Team player, willingness to work well with diverse groups of team members with the need to help the team to be success during short or long term objectives.
  • Good ability to operate Landis or lathe machines without any additional training and complete in safe and efficient manner.
  • Good ability on how to operate the blasting equipment in a safe and efficient manner
  • Good ability of how to consistent use blasting, shot blast and machinery in safe and efficient manner.
  • Good ability to understand and follow all required product order as assigned.
  • Good ability on how to operate spray equipment and spray techniques in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Must be able to understand and properly follow any and all product print.
  • Must be able to follow any and all established Company safety and facility rules at all times.
  • Previous history of consistent attendance with the ability to get to work on time and daily basis is required.
Must be able to pass a drug test and will be subject to a background screening.

Salary: $13.00 /hour

  • High school or equivalent