SK Services, LLC
Lincoln Alabama Recruiting Office
45281 US Hwy 78, Lincoln Alabama 35096

Bessemer Alabama Recruiting Office               1020 9th Ave. SW, Suite 104
Bessemer, Alabama 35022

Marysville Ohio Recruiting Office
128 South Main St., Suite 133
Marysville, OH 43040

Alexander City Financial Office
P.O. Box 426, Alexander City, AL 35011

119 Main St., Suite 202
Alexander City, Alabama 35010

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Ext 0      Attendance Notification
Ext 1      Lincoln Alabama Recruiting Office
Ext 2      Bessemer Alabama Recruiting Office
Ext 3      Marysville Ohio Recruiting Office
Ext 4      Huntsville Alabama Recruiting Office
Ext 6      Payroll and Accounting
Ext 8      Name Directory
Ext 700  Sonya
Ext 701  Ken
Ext 702  Star
Ext 703  Kristy
Ext 704  Christa
Ext 705  Casey
Ext 706  Heather
Ext 707  Dawne
Ext 708  Denise

Sonya Jacks
Owner /

Ken Jacks
Ken Jacks
Vice PresidentKen Jacks
Vice President
Vice President


Kristy Mosley
Lincoln Branch Manager

Christa Brasher

Casey Dabbs
Star Dudrow
Business Development Representative

Dawne Porche

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